Personal Risk
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The Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman website is a great source of information for consumers of insurance and financial services. Under News and Publications there are Info Sheets on all sorts of insurance related topics. It’s a very good site where you can get up to speed on your rights and responsibilities as an insurance buyer. Click here to go to the IFSO  site for a list of information sheets:

Landlords Beware!

Unfortunately things can go wrong with a tenanted property. Not least of your worries at the moment is the potential for the manufacture or and/ the smoking of “P” in your property.

Insurers now need to ensure Landlord’s are aware of their obligations.

Getting the paperwork right will help the assessment and processing of any claim under the Landlord’s cover.

Click this link to the AMP Landlord  Responsibilities Guide:

Take a look at this great website - Life-Info. This is an independent guide to life insurance with explanation of the types of covers available, a glossary of terms, useful links and stories.