Personal Risk
Kiwi Saver



Kiwisaver is specifically designed to help you prepare for retirement.


It is a long term savings scheme and for most people it is work based, with your contributions being deducted from your pay. Your employer must contribute to your scheme as well.


These contributions are invested into the fund/s of your choice to deliver a return that could help boost your savings. It’s important that you choose the fund or funds that are right for you. This will depend on what your goals are for your savings, how comfortable you are with taking risks, and what stage of life you’re at.


Benefits may include

• An annual member tax credit of 50c for every dollar you save, up to a maximum of $521.43 per year

• Compulsory contributions from your employer

• Flexibility to respond to changes in your situation

• Help with buying your first home





Your employer and government contributions work alongside your own contributions to boost your savings. That’s why KiwiSaver may be more effective than a regular savings plan to help you meet your retirement savings goals.

Give Matthew a call on 021 911 426 to discuss your Kiwisaver.

It is really important that your hard earned dollars are invested wisely and that you review regularly.