Home Insurance – protection for your most expensive asset

Earthquakes, fire, flood, accidents and burglary can all damage your house. Most importantly you need to tell us what amount you want us to insure your home for.

What is Sum Insured Replacement?

Sum Insured Replacement is the amount you choose to insure your home for. If you have not specified a Sum Insured, your policy will have a default sum insured amount. This may not be adequate to replace your home or any other structures at your property if disaster strikes.

Your Sum Insured needs to reflect the estimated cost of rebuilding your home from scratch - taking into account demolition and debris removal costs, replacing driveways, paving, fencing etc To find out the estimated rebuild cost for your home you can:

• Get a valuation from a Builder, Registered Quantity Surveyor or Registered Valuer – this should be a written valuation and for insurance purposes. 

• Use the Cordell Online Calculator to get an estimate based on detailed information you enter about your home.

You can notify us of your Cordell value and we will contact you in 3 years time to remind you to do an update.

Also - Talk to us about Sum Extra – a benefit you can receive if you ask AMP to use your Cordell value.

The video below gives you an explanation of AMP's Sum Extra:

There are many things to consider around Home Insurance:


• Rental properties – our advisers will tell you all you need to know about insuring as a Landlord. eg What happens if your property is contaminated by P?

• Your house being unoccupied or you have a house sitter. We will need to know.

• You can choose the excess that best suits you.

• Renovations, extensions, roof replacement – may impact your insurance.

• Lifestyle block – you might need some help getting the right cover in place.

• Decks, garages, sheds, pools, granny flats – tell us all about your property.

• Claims – we will support you through the process.


Not sure about the size of your house? Our advisers can come and measure it up.