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AMP’s Agriplan policy is designed to satisfy the unique insurance needs of farmers.

There are many automatic benefits as well as additional benefits that can apply in each section

of the policy. There are also many ways we can help you save on your insurance premiums.


• Home insurance – a comprehensive cover for your home and any other farm houses.


• Contents insurance – you can choose “At and Away from home” or “At home only”


• Motor vehicle insurance – for private use vehicles and farm vehicles.


• Boat insurance - you can cover your boat here too.


• Farm Assets insurance – covering machinery, plant, tools, stores, etc


• Milk insurance – there are 3 easy to understand milk packages


• Farming Operations Interruption – cover for when damage to farm buildings or other farm

assets interrupts your farming operations


• Livestock: farm dogs and horses


• Machinery breakdown - pumps, chiller units etc


• Liability insurance -  farmer's liability, statutory liability and employer’s liability


• Personal Income insurance – cover for when you cant work due to illness or injury

• Lifestyle Block insurance – select the cover you need for your unique circumstances

So what are the sorts of things that crop up?


• Bridges, culverts and underpasses – you can elect to insure for specified perils

• Can you hire a vehicle when your farm vehicle is out of action?

• Tractor windscreen – is it covered like my car would be?

• Submersible pumps are common on farms – are they covered if they breakdown?

• The children go to boarding school – what about their contents?

• The freezer is full of meat – is it covered if the freezer gets turned off accidentally

• I have farm workers – can I get cover for my contents in the house they use?

• I do a bit of contracting – can I get cover?


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